Antique blends with modern

antique-styleThe moment they clapped eyes on this sweet heritage cottage in 2013. There’s a pretty Georgian façade, a large, wooded backyard backing on a creek and even a unique backstory: threatened by demolition in 1992, the quaint, circa-1845 house was designated under the Ontario Heritage Act and moved from downtown Dundas, Ont., to this quiet side street, where it was set on a newly poured foundation.

But the pair had custom-built their previous home and were used to having lots of space and a great kitchen (He loves to cook) — and this house fell short. Their plan? To rip out and replace the old kitchen addition on the back of the house. They brought in designers to help them create a spacious kitchen that would feel fresh and vibrant, while also respecting the original home’s rich history. “I loved the style; it’s a mix of modern and vintage, that’s sophisticated yet relaxed,” Here’s how they made it work.

antique-fireplaceMIX AND MATCH FINISHES AND ELEMENTS The addition of industrial-style windows, crisp Caesar stone counters, stainless steel appliances and vintage-style lighting takes the classic Shaker cabinets in a fashion-forward direction. For a fresh alternative to white, the cabinets are painted a pale blue-grey and fitted with simple aged-brass pulls. Forgoing uppers and washing the walls and peaked ceiling in white gives the space a lofty feel that’s a sharp contrast to the diminutive original rooms. Warm reclaimed pine floors ground the look.

EMBRACE THE UNEXPECTED “We knew we didn’t want a cookie-cutter design,” When designer came across vividly patterned vintage Egyptian tiles at an antique shop, they knew they’d found the palette inspiration — and the room’s focal point. Burns pushed for a layout with a pleasing symmetry. Displaying vintage ironware, silver and pewter adds a layer of patina that makes the brand-new space feel warm and welcoming. Rough hewn elements like the dining table and the reclaimed beam edging the range hood (above tilework) complement the house’s older architecture. Built the harvest table from the design; the top is red pine reclaimed in the attic during the reno. Tall herbs in tin planters make a perfect centerpiece.

Afternoon Tea And Antiques

Visit the Yorkshire town for a vintage spa experience and
indulge your appetite for afternoon tea and antiques.

honans-antiquesThe Victorians got the spa
experience just right. No
kale-green smoothies and
hot yoga for them; it was all about promenades in
the park followed by hot, buttered buns
and a pot of tea. The first mineral spa was discovered in the Yorkshire town of Harrogate in the 16th century but it was during the Victorian era that it became a fashionable place to take the waters. Members of ever European Royal family visited and legend has it Princess Alix of Hesse (granddaughter of Queen Victoria) liked to race her sister Victoria through the streets in their bath chairs. From then the town’s reputation for clean air and reviving waters grew, with fashionable city dwellers frequenting the town’s elegant boutiques and tea rooms between hydrotherapy sessions. To find out more about the spa traditions, visit the Royal
Pump Room Museum.
antique-renovationThe town’s genteel traditions are kept
alive today by Harrogate’s best-loved and most enduring businesses. Woods Fine Linens ( opened in 1885, when it was originally called Woods of Harrogate, and soon became known for its exceptional textiles. A year later, in 1886, the famous purveyors of Yorkshire Tea, Taylors of Harrogate ( began trading. Refined refreshments are a local institution and the town’s most famous teashop has to be Betty’s (
It was established in 1919 by Frederick
Belmont, a Swiss baker, who wanted to
put an English spin on European café
culture. If you’re feeling indulgent, try
the Fat Rascal, a super-sized and fruity
regional creation that’s somewhere
between a scone and a rock cake. And
don’t forget to take home some Farah’s
toffee ( Sold in classic blue
tins, it was first made in 1840 to help spagoers
replace the rotten-egg taste of the
spa water.
You’ll find Betty’s in the Montpellier
Quarter (
and once fortified with a strong brew
and pastry, you’ll be ready to explore.
The quarter is home to the town’s many
antiques shops and galleries. Whether
you’re after a 19th-century Windsor chair
or some new cushions, you’re bound
to find them here. For some fresh air,
take a stroll in the Grade II-listed Valley
Gardens, where many of the springs were
discovered. The Stray is another green
oasis: 200 acres of parkland created
in 1778. And if you’re starting your
Christmas shopping early, make a beeline
for either the Pavilions of Harrogate
Antiques & Fine Art Fair on 1st
November (
or the Yorkshire Antiques and Art Fair
the following week (
01423 537300;

Online Antique Furniture

At Honan’s Online Antiques we have been in the business for the past 30 years and have sourced all our pieces in Ireland. We provide a full service including the packing, documenation and shipping of containers.

Original Irish Pine Furniture Shop
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On our website you will find some examples of our constantly changing stock, of victorian mahogany funiture, cast iron fireplaces, mirrors, clocks, lamps, chairs etc.. In our yard you will find garden statuary, stone pots, gates and troughs.

A visit to our warehouse is highly recommended where you will find a large
and varied stock of original irish pine furniture just stripped, in the paint or restored and finished.

Finding the Value of Antique Furniture

The process of incorporating an antique furniture value lookup isn’t quite as straightforward as you may think. There are so many older furnishings that border on the realm of artwork. There are also many pieces that hold little more than sentimental value to the owner.

While you may want to find the worth of a particular antique furnishing piece the prospect can be a little bleak. However, it is possible to get an estimate of the value of similar pieces from the same era. This will make a great starting point for your evaluation.

Some like to visit forums dedicated to the subject of antiquity. This is a nice approach for getting a general idea of the item’s worth. It is common to find a lot of conflicting information using this approach. Frums may be great for building a sense of community and for getting some ideas they just don’t stand up to a real antique furniture value lookup.

Shop around for similar antique furniture for sale. This can be done in person by visiting traditional antique stores. However, this approach is very time consuming. If you have plenty of time and you enjoy browsing, though, making a few visits to local antique stores can be a lot of fun.

Most of us simply don’t have time to shop around in person. There are many online options to consider as well. Some sites offer antique furnishing for sale while others offer antique furniture value lookup services right online. This is a very time-effective approach to finding assessments for your items.

So many items have rich histories and interesting stories behind them. There are many who find as much worth in the stories as in the items themselves. Try to get as much information about the furnishings as possible. If there is a story that goes with the piece, it may be of interest to many.

A good antique furniture value lookup will incorporate the history of the item including its origin and the number of similar items made during its era. Some items will have greater value simply because of their rich historical backgrounds.

Consulting a professional antique appraiser is the ideal approach for getting the right number for your investment. Before selling any of your fine pieces of furniture from generations past, try to get a professional estimate of their value. An antique furniture value lookup is the perfect starting point.

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